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Jessica (Anglais)

À sa 2e semaine de CrossFit

Début 2015

I started training at Crossfit Montreal on August 1st 2012. I had seen ads for Crossfit about a year earlier but thought it looked too difficult for me at the time. I wasn’t in the shape I used to be in and was intimidated by the daily WODs I saw posted on all the websites I came across, thinking it would be too tough or that I needed to be in better shape to start. Eventually, I decided to suck it up, give it a shot and I signed up for an intro class at Crossfit Montreal, not quite sure of what I was getting myself into…. And I couldn’t be happier that I did!

Soon after joining, my focus went from just trying to lose weight to wanting to be better at all these new skills I was learning (although dropping a few pant sizes DID feel pretty good!). I thought I was pretty strong to begin with but it took a whole other level of physical and mental strength to get that first-ever pull up - which actually happened at an in-house competition with the owner/head coach Jacques and a crowd of other coaches and friends surrounding me and cheering me on.

Since then my pull ups have come a long way as well as so many other skills and strengths I never thought were possible. I have set goals (and smashed many!) and been encouraged along the way by our amazing coaches who are always willing to take a minute to help you with a weakness or share some tips on how to improve a movement – not to mention to kick your butt on those days when you need a bit of a butt-kicking!

I feel fitter and healthier than I ever have before, I am in the best shape of my life and there is no end in sight for my Crossfit journey! Joining Crossfit Montreal is easily the most amazing, frustrating, challenging, rewarding, humbling, inspiring and life-changing experiences I’ve had so far. I have had successes and failures and personal triumphs and have learnt from each of these along the way. The coaches, athletes, and friends I have made here are such a huge part of the experience – the community at Crossfit Montreal feels almost like a family to me. Since all the WODs can be adjusted to fit your abilities – we’re all in it together the second that buzzer sounds…. To try and get better and fitter with every workout!

Jessica Diorio

Miguel (Français)

Anna (Anglais)