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We help you achieve harmony, balance, passion & feel amazing in your life through fitness & nutrition

Personal Training

Private training is not limited to the CrossFit methodology. Whether your goals are purely aesthetic, health, rehab or performance oriented, we tailor the private sessions to your needs. The methods we use to help you achieve your short and long term goals include Functional training, Traditional training, Nutrition and more.

CrossFit Montreal Private Training Categories

If you prefer training one on one or two on one with one of our private trainer, we have what you need.

Our personal trainers will help you build good functional habits that will benefit you for life.

Everybody needs a coach, whether you are a beginner or just want to refine certain aspects of your training in a one on one setting.

Some people also just prefer getting one on one attention before joining our regular classes and we can make it happen. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail to reserve your private sessions.

For an appointment please contacts us by email at or by phone at 514-678-6867.